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How Important is it to Have Your Wheels Properly Aligned by an Alignment Specialist?

The recommended time interval of wheel alignment is every 6 months or 6,000 miles. Maintaining proper wheel alignment is necessary to avoid how fast the tire will wear out, the steering, suspension, and brakes. Visiting an alignment specialist regularly is essential for accurate wheel alignment, providing your vehicle with optimal power and fuel efficiency.

What Causes Wheel Misalignment?

You run into a pothole at high speed- to avoid this, always be alert when driving, pay attention to the road, and avoid high speed. You hit a curb or a corner and you calculate what makes it hit the curb. To avoid this, you steer a little to the opposite side before turning in the direction you are heading. This will give you a bigger angle and can avoid that curb benign hit.

You suddenly change the direction of your car. Like hard turns because you changed your mind. Before heading to your destination, check the map and make up your mind about where you will go. Be kind to your steering wheel.  You experience a sudden impact on the road- be careful when driving especially when driving through a residential area, kids might be playing outside their homes and a ball runs to the street. You just have to hit the brakes hard. So drive slow when passing through a residential area. One reason is when meeting a road accident- this can be avoided when you are paying attention to your surroundings. But sometimes there are mishaps with a car driver hitting your vehicle that is where you do not have control over it. Buckle up for safety. 

How Can You Spot Misaligned Wheels?

The steering wheel is not centered when you are driving straight. You feel some vibration on the steering wheel as you drive, not a good vibration. The time you release the steering wheel you are either pulling to the left or the right. Checking the tires and saw uneven threading of the tires.

When you notice these happening to your vehicle contact your nearest wheel alignment specialist at Clearfield Utah.

An auto shop that has a wheel alignment specialist has up-to-date tools to check if the wheels are properly aligned. Certification is also important when choosing a Wheel Alignment specialist. 

What does an Alignment Specialist look for when aligning the vehicle’s wheels:

Have you heard of what Camber is? It is the negative and positive position of the wheels. Meaning that the angle of the wheels is leaning too much inward or outward. 

It is not the Toe that you are thinking of, but the toe.- this is the angle if it is tilting more to the left or the right of the tires. It should be straight. How about Caster? This angle helps with stability, balance steering, and cornering. Thrust is always an issue. Thrust is an imaginary angle that is drawn perpendicular to the rear axle’s centerline. This angle confirms if the rear axle is parallel to the front axle and the wheelbase on both sides of the vehicle is the same.

Many Alignment Specialists only do the tracking, but here at Steve Automotive Specialists use computer-aided tools to spot the right angle for the alignment. They use factory-grade equipment to determine and calculate the angles that have to be adjusted to arrive at the right adjustment of each wheel. Steve Automotive Specialist can detect the smallest misaligned angle and can be corrected right away. Steve’s Automotive Specialist has been in the industry since 1977. They have mastered their craft for decades. 

Benefits of Having Properly Aligned Wheels of Your Vehicle

Here comes Fuel efficiency, when the wheels of your vehicle are properly aligned, the engine will not burn more fuel compared to having aligned wheels. Friction between the wheels and the road is lesser. You get a smooth ride, right angles will give you stability, and easier to steer the wheels. It will go as where you command. We all want those Long-lasting tires. Properly aligned wheels will have an equal wearing of each tire because it is aligned properly. No wheel will thread faster than the other.


Wheel alignment should be part of your regular preventive maintenance. Accurate wheel alignment is important to the treadwear of the tires.

It is appropriate for a reserve driver to have his wheels aligned according to the settings of the manufacturer settings. If you enjoy driving hard through corners and expressway ramps, your vehicle will need performance alignment. This consists of specification alignment using the vehicle manufacturer’s range for the wheels. The Maximum negative camber, maximum positive caster, and manufacturer’s preferred toe settings. If you are a race car driver or drift driver for competition who frequently runs autocross, tracks, or road race events. Most likely the wheels will need the maximum negative camber maximum positive caster and aggressive settings of the toe by following the permitted rules by the competition. 

Proper alignment of your wheels will help maximize the wheel’s life of your vehicle. This is why proper wheel alignment is important. Here at SteveAutomotive service uses computer-aided wheel alignment tools that will determine the proper angle for the wheels. They are very accurate because their tools are always calibrated according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. Their mechanics are also trained well in handling wheel alignments and other auto service needs, like preventive maintenance, change oils, and major and minor repairs. They can do the job. They also give warranty to their finished job. It will assure you that they do their work right the first time.