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Top 7 Common Audi Repair Issues and Costs To Fix Them

Top 7 Common Audi Repair Issues and Costs To Fix Them


Audi’s are prized possessions but like most other luxury cars they have common maintenance issues. Some of these issues are unique to Audi but that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying this classic piece of beauty. Below are 7 of the most common issues with Audi, their solutions and cost of repairing them.

  1. Issues with Electrical Components

    Failure of electrical components is a common issue with Audi. Owners have reported that the most common problems are failure of digital dashboard display or console, erratic lights and failed tailed lamps. Simple replacement of the components with OE equipments only works. Plus Audi also provides warranty cover which means you won’t have to pay a lot for replacement and repairs.
    Cost of Electrical Components (Exclusive of Labour) – $3 to $1200

  2. Failure of Ignition Coil or Spark Plug

    Failure of the Ignition coil of an Audi is its single most common mechanical problem. It is also among the prime reason behind engine misfire. The solution is instalment of good quality OE spark plugs and tuning of the engine to factory specs. Thankfully ignition coils or spark plugs are not expensive and will cost anywhere between $100 to $200 for parts as well as labour charges. The coil costs around $50 a piece.
    Cost of Ignition coil- $50 (Approx.) (Exclusive of labour charge)

  3. Replacement of Catalytic Converters

    Catalytic converters fail primarily due to clogging or carbon build-up which solidifies and jams the exhaust flow. Replacement of the catalytic converter isn’t a long term solution. Make sure that the mechanic gets down to finding the real cause. Keep the engine fine-tuned and maintain it regularly to prevent catalytic converter failure.
    Cost of Catalytic Converter (Exclusive of labour)- $500 to $700 (Approx.)

  4. Exhaust Gas Re-Circulation (EGR)

    EGR is primarily a system that lowers the temperatures in the combustion chamber. The problem that plagues EGR is carbon build-up and wear & tear.
    Cost of repairs or clean up- $200 (Approx.)
    EGR Valve Replacement: $300- $500

  5. Oil Leaks

    Oil leaks in an Audi can result from two places- 1- valve cover gasket and 2- Camshaft Tensioner. The solution is replacement of either or both of the parts depending on which one is leaking.
    Cost of Valve Cover Gasket – $240 – $350 (Max.)
    Cost of Camshaft Tensioner- < $300

  6. Replacing Oxygen Sensor

    Replacement of oxygen sensor shouldn’t be a tough job and most of the times owner treat it as a Do-it-Yourself activity.
    Replacement Costs- $238 (Approx.)

  7. Loose fuel caps

    Loose fuel caps have been one of the underrated problems for low mileage. Make sure that you tighten the fuel caps after re-fuelling or replace it if damaged. These small things can add up to the mileage of your car.

Common Audi Issues and Repair Cost

Most of the issues that we discussed can be solved by regular maintenance of the car. Take care of your vehicle and it will be your trusted companion for years. Happy Driving!

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