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Offering High-Quality Exhaust Service and Emissions Testing for Your Vehicle

We offer a full range of car and truck repair solutions for your exhaust system. Whether it’s as simple as checking for leaks or even repairing problems causing you to fail emissions inspections, we are here to ensure everything is working as it should.

High Quality, Local Exhaust Repair, and Annual Emissions Testing

Whether you need a new exhaust system component, a repair, or to resolve an electrical monitoring system issue, let our factory-trained technicians help you.

Exhaust System Repair

The shocks and struts of your vehicle may seem unimposing, but these parts are vital for driving safely and comfortably on Utah highways. As your premier auto repair shop in the Greater Salt Lake City Area, Steve’s Automotive Specialists can expertly handle your shocks, struts, and other parts of your suspension system.

Our team of auto repair mechanics can fix your drivetrain, wheels, and other vehicle parts from bumper to bumper. We also deliver high-quality services with a fast turnaround and at very reasonable prices.

Exhaust System Repair Specialists in Utah

Our auto repair shops in the Greater Salt Lake City Area are home to friendly, honest, and highly experienced mechanics. We continuously maintain our ASE certifications and acquire the latest car care technologies, so rest assured that your vehicle is in good hands.


Established in 1977, we have factory-grade equipment for fixing exhaust systems and mufflers of various sedans, crossovers, SUVs, hybrids, and light trucks released through the years. Besides our primary auto repair facility in Sandy, we also have shops in Clearfield, Orem, Hyde Park, and Salt Lake City for your convenience.

Muffler and Exhaust System Repair in Utah

Your exhaust is regularly exposed to high temperatures, especially if you drive under extreme conditions regularly. This can cause cracks and damages to the muffler and other parts connected to the exhaust pipe.


Pay attention to the early signs of muffler damage to prevent permanent harm to your auto engine and exhaust system. For instance, you might smell smoke coming from the tailpipe or hear loud noises whenever you crank up and accelerate.


These are obvious symptoms that you do not have a healthy exhaust and emissions system. After we accurately perform inspection and diagnostics, we will fix your muffler and other components welded into your exhaust – or replace them if necessary.

Catalytic Converter Replacement and Exhaust Repair in Utah

Underneath your chassis, the catalytic converter is responsible for reducing the concentration and toxicity of your exhaust gases. If you have a faulty catalytic converter or cat, for short, your check engine light and dashboard error codes will probably illuminate. Moreover, you will likely fail your emissions test.


Our exhaust system experts can rebuild your cat or replace it with a new one if needed. Our auto repair services and replacement parts are covered by a 3K-mile/36-month warranty for your peace of mind.

Emissions Testing in the Greater Salt Lake City Area,

Your emissions should comply with the standards set by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and state laws. Problems with your auto engine, cat, belts, hoses, and other automotive components can result in poor emissions and cause you to flunk your inspection.

Our auto maintenance services can help you pass your emissions test in Utah with flying colors. We will tune up and adequately lubricate your engine to improve its operating temperatures. We also perform oil changes and fluid replacement to ensure that all components are running smoothly.

Exhaust System Repair in Utah

For all repairs and maintenance services needed for your car exhaust system, just make an appointment with us. Our honest and highly experienced auto mechanics will restore your vehicle to its optimal condition quickly – and at very reasonable prices.


You may also dial (801) 559-7776 for appointments and inquiries or go to our auto repair shop at 9245 South 700 East, Sandy, UT 84070. You can also visit our shops in Orem, Hyde Park, Clearfield, and Salt Lake City for an exhaust system repair or maintenance appointment.

Exhaust System

If it’s that time of year when you need to get your vehicle State emission test performed, stop by Steve’s Automotive Specialists today, and we can get everything taken care of for you. You can count on us to provide thorough state inspections and emissions testing for a fair price.

If there is anything wrong, our team of ASE Certified professionals will be able to get you taken care of quickly. We can also renew your plates with the DMV on the spot renewal system. Trust in Steve’s Automotive Specialists to make the process as hassle-free as possible. 

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