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Before the Repair, Preventative Maintenance Helps Your Vehicle Last

We are a full-service auto repair shop that can tackle your most common maintenance needs and the more complicated repairs.

Full-Service Auto Repair Shop Since 1977

Whether it is gas or diesel, car or truck, foreign or domestic, we offer quality maintenance and repair services for your vehicle.

General Repair and Automotive Services

Your vehicle has literally thousands of separate parts that work together to give you a safe and comfortable ride. Over time, some components may get worn or damaged due to automotive problems or accidents.


Regardless of the cause, your car may show performance issues like drops in gas mileage, poor emissions, weird sounds, and rough handling. Our honest and experienced auto mechanics in Utah are here to help maintain the reliability and durability of your vehicle for many years to come.

ASE-Certified Mechanics for General Repair and Auto Maintenance

Steve’s Automotive Specialists is home to highly competent ASE-certified technicians. In addition to maintaining our licenses, we undergo continual training and acquire the latest technologies for car care.


Established in 1977, our shop also offers general repairs for most sedans, SUVs, crossovers, light trucks, sports cars, and hybrid models released through the years. Rest assured that we will repair your prized investment with care and expertise. Here are some of the most popular general repair services availed by drivers in the Greater Salt Lake City Area:

Brake Repair and Service in Utah

We thoroughly inspect and rehabilitate your brakes as part of our general repair and maintenance services. After all, this is a vital component that directly affects your safety on the road. 


If your brakes are squeaking or becoming unresponsive, set an appointment with us right away. We will perform the necessary procedures like changing your brake pads or resurfacing worn drums and rotors to restore their responsiveness.

General Automotive and Engine Repair

Do you hear weird or clunking noises from under the hood? If yes, we strongly recommend that you stop driving your vehicle and call us right away. Forcing your car to run with this condition can result in costly and irreparable damages to your engine. Let us have a look and help prevent your auto engine from seizing. We will ensure that the bearings and shafts of your auto engine are in good condition and properly lubricated.

Drivetrain Repair and Service

Your drivetrain is not a single part of your car, but it is a system of components that transmit energy from the auto engine to the wheels. You will have problems with handling and fuel efficiency if you have a faulty drivetrain. Fortunately, our auto repair technicians are well-versed in fixing transmission systems, differentials, suspension, shafts, gears, and other parts that belong in this system.

Preventive Maintenance Services in Utah

Why wait for automotive issues to become an expensive repair or irreparable damage? Our team can nip these problems in the bud through our effective scheduled and preventive maintenance services.


For instance, we perform general, short-term checkups like inspecting oil and coolant levels, replacing the air filter for your auto engine, and checking tread depth and tire pressure. Moreover, we also do long-term checkups for parts that can last 30,000 miles or more. These include your serpentine belt, shocks, and struts

General Repair Service in Utah

Getting a service appointment from us can keep your vehicle reliable and help you save more money in the long run. For your bumper-to-bumper repair and auto maintenance needs, just dial (801) 559-7776 or schedule a service online. 



You may also visit our facility conveniently located at 9245 South 700 East, Sandy, Salt Lake County, UT 84070, or our other shops in Orem, Hyde Park, Salt Lake City, and Clearfield.

Preventative Maintenance

Preventive maintenance on any make and model of car or truck is highly essential. To avoid costly repairs later, our team of automotive professionals provide you with a complete evaluation of your car’s needs. 

We are here to assist you with comprehensive vehicle care.

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