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Fast and Convenient Vehicle Oil Change Services

Changing your oil is one of the most common regularly scheduled maintenance items for your car or truck. They are essential to keep your engine running smoothly, decreasing friction, and improving horsepower.

Full-Service Oil Change Services

We offer a full range of oil change services specific to your vehicle needs. Trust our team of car care professionals with your vehicle’s routine maintenance.

Oil Changes

Does your automobile suffer from poor emissions, reduced fuel economy, or frequent overheating? If yes, you probably need the best auto maintenance that you can get in Utah.

Steve’s Automotive Specialists offer an expansive menu of repair and upkeep services for domestic, European, and Asian vehicles alike. Besides engine tune-ups, we offer same-day oil changes to ensure that your car stays in its optimal condition for a long time.

Why Choose Steve’s Automotive for your Oil Change Services in Utah?

Our auto repair shop in Utah has ASE-certified and highly experienced technicians who will handle your vehicle with care and expertise. Moreover, we have a diverse inventory of oils and automotive fluids to service any brand, make, or build.


We know the woes of drivers who cannot find the correct oils for their cars in Utah. That is why we make sure we have what you need – from regular oils to high-mileage formulas.


With decades of combined industry experience, we can perform faster oil changes and top-notch maintenance services for most vehicles at budget-friendly prices

Benefits of Getting a Timely Oil Change from Steve’s Automotive

Automotive engine oils are fluids that lubricate metal parts in your engine. This means that they help dissipate friction and heat between moving parts under the hood.


As such, getting an oil change service every 7,000 to 12,000 miles can improve the performance and maintain the wellbeing of your vehicle. However, this interval may vary based on its age and how often you use it.


Ignoring your oil change appointment may cause the fluid to grow dark and contaminated. It may gradually lose the ability to lubricate and increase the risks of overheating and engine failure. It can even cause your engine light to illuminate – and you should visit our shop in Utah as soon as it does.

Oil Change Service for Sedans, SUVs, and Light Trucks

Changing the engine oil may be a typical DIY task for some drivers. However, you should not risk damaging your vehicle if you have no prior experience. When in doubt, just call us at (801) 559-7776 to schedule an oil change appointment.


After all, not all oil tanks are installed on a vehicle the same way. As with some modern cars and imported trucks, the tank is located near the auto engine with a protective case or covering. Our auto repair mechanics in Utah have the right tools and training for servicing all cars, SUVs, crossovers, and trucks released through the years.

Suitable Engine Oil Types for All Your Automotive Servicing Needs

Steve’s Automotive Specialists offers numerous oil types for different vehicles. You may need a specific formulation for your oil change depending on the vehicle’s model and age:

Regular Engine Oils

Regular oils have varying levels of viscosity and quality. Most oils in this group are suitable for cars and medium-duty trucks regularly used under light driving conditions.

Synthetic Oils and Blends

If you use your car on rough roads and for heavy-duty tasks, drive it by our shop in Utah for an oil change. Because synthetic oils are more resistant to heat and contamination, they are ideal for prolonged use and hot temperatures.

High-mileage Engine Oils

This formula is best-suited for vehicles that already clocked more than 75,000 miles. Such oils have ingredients that lower burn-off, making them more effective for older auto engines.

Oil Change Service in Utah

Trust only ASE-certified and experienced auto mechanics in Utah for your maintenance and oil change needs. Just make an appointment online or call us at (801) 559-7776 for inquiries. Steve’s Automotive Specialists is conveniently located at 9245 South 700 East, Sandy, UT 84070.

Full-Service Oil Change Services

When your vehicle requires an oil change service, our technicians provide you with complete manufacturer recommended services. We offer services for all types of cars and trucks. 

Specializing in a personal service experience, we are the choice for automotive care in Greater Salt Lake City.

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