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We Resolve Vehicle Check Engine Lights With Expert Car and Truck Diagnostic Solutions

Your vehicle's check engine light indicates a computer or electrical system issue. We save you time and money, providing you with automotive care you can trust.

We Resolve Vehicle Check Engine Lights

Is your vehicle's check engine light or other malfunction indicator light illuminated? Does your car or truck not feel like it is running and driving ok? We specialize in automotive system check engine light diagnostics and repair. Have our highly trained, ASE Certified vehicle mechanics provide you with a solution to return your vehicle to optimal running condition.

Our Diagnostics Analysis

The dreaded check engine light usually causes panic among drivers in Utah. After all, this indicator and other error codes on your dashboard may mean countless combinations of automotive issues or expensive repairs.

If you are not sure about what is wrong with your prized vehicle, you need the best auto diagnostic service that you can get in the Greater Salt Lake City area. Look no further since Steve’s Automotive Specialists can expertly handle this for you – at very reasonable prices.

Automotive Diagnostic Experts in Utah

Our team is composed of ASE-certified auto technicians with decades of combined industry experience. Moreover, our repair shop has factory-grade diagnostic tools for servicing domestic and imported vehicles alike.


With the correct equipment and skilled staff, we will quickly identify what ails your vehicle. As your number one dealer alternative in Utah, we also provide accurate diagnostics with a fast turnaround.


Just visit our facility in Sandy if you would like to have complete diagnostics run on your vehicle. We also have auto repair shops in Clearfield, Orem, Hyde Park, and Salt Lake City for your convenience.

Check Engine Light Repair and Diagnostics Analysis in Utah

Most modern cars rely on electronic control units (ECU) for their built-in error checking systems and controlling their features. Conventional inspection methods can still be helpful, but these cannot address the needs of newer vehicles and auto engines.

This applies more to modern luxury vehicles and hybrid models with complex computerized and electronic features. That is why you need a reliable auto repair shop in Utah to perform thorough diagnostics and analysis of your system. After all, getting proper computer diagnostics is a vital step in car repair and maintenance.

Diagnostics Analysis and Computerized Inspection Services that We Offer

We provide bumper-to-bumper services for most sedans, crossovers, sports cars, and light trucks released through the years. Our mechanics use factory-grade scanners and tools that connect with your on-board diagnostics (OBD).


Moreover, we continuously acquire the latest technologies and OBD-2 scanners to diagnose issues on newer automobiles. As such, our auto mechanics can give you better insights on how to repair or take care of your car. Here are some of the most popular diagnostics and analysis services availed by drivers in Utah:

Auto Engine Computer Diagnostic

Typically, auto engine fault codes or diagnostic trouble codes are five-digit combinations that identify a particular issue in a vehicle. Each set of numbers and letters relates to a manufacturer-specific error or generic problem on your car.


It may not be a critical problem every time, but failing to address these may result in expensive repairs in the future. Our team will help you determine the exact problem and recommend the appropriate and most cost-effective repair plan.

Charging System Analysis and Computer Diagnostics

In addition to battery replacement services, we can detect any issue related to your auto electrical system. These include problems with your alternator, electrical wiring, charger, and other parts linked to your battery.

Engine Oil Light Diagnostics in Utah

Your engine oil warning light may persistently light up due to possible leaks or low oil levels. It may also be triggered by a faulty or worn oil pump. We will help you detect this early so we can fix the leaks and prevent unexpected breakdowns.

Diagnostics Analysis Service in Utah

Entrust your prized investment only to highly skilled auto technicians in Utah with the best computer diagnostic tools. Rest assured that we will thoroughly inspect and service your vehicle to maintain its durability and reliability.


For computer diagnostics, auto repair, or upkeep services, just make an appointment online. You can also dial (801) 559-7776 or visit our auto repair shop conveniently located at 9245 South 700 East, Sandy, Salt Lake County, UT 84070.

Automotive Diagnostic Experts in Utah

Our team of professional automotive repair experts will provide you with a complete analysis of any issues your car or light truck has and will assist you in making the right decisions to get you back on the road. Automotive diagnostics can be a challenging process without the right personnel and the right equipment.

We have employed trained automotive technicians and have factory level diagnostic and service equipment. We are trusted by the Salt Lake City area to provide vehicle diagnostic solutions for any car or truck malfunction light.

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