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2016 Best Cars: Lexus, Pilot, Outback and more.

Are you looking for a new car this year or do you like following the latest and the best in the automobile industry? In this blog, we have compiled a list of cars that are ranked among the best for the year 2016. The list comprises of both economy and luxury models that are highly rated. The list has cars of various sizes including many intermediate and mid-size automobiles and SUVs. Our top 10 selection is based on reviews and rankings from sites such as Kelley Blue Book and Customer Reports.

Honda Pilot – Honda offers diverse models like HR-V, PILOT, CIVIC, ACCORD and NSX. However, the Honda Pilot is one of the favorites for 2016. It has a smart transition right from the truck appearance to the eight-seat answer which was quite welcoming. Customers like it for the spacious and lavish look and feel. In just a few months, the new Pilot has blown critics away for its value for money proposition.

Toyota Prius – Toyota Prius is popular for its noise reduction effect with independent rear suspension. Backed with a great fuel economy, great batteries, upright slash taillights and arresting angularity. Toyota Safety Sense stops the car in low speed area if the driver is not paying attention.

Subaru Outback – The Subaru Outback features at the top of list for many as a daily driver can enjoy its speed and beauty as well as an adventurous driver. The car is a mix of a SUV as well as of a wagon. Fitted with 8.7 inches of ground clearance, it offers uncanny grip on slimy roads. This 5-passenger automobile, is configured with hill descent control and X-Mode system that manages power output and traction control. The automatic breaking structure, lane-keeping assistance and adaptive cruise control make the Subaru outback a perfect family car in 2016.

Mercedes-Benz – The C-Class Mercedes-Benz offers opulent fun element with sheer luxury personified. This beautiful car’s chassis exhibits an unquestionable toughness that strengthens a sense of well-being and competence. With an adequate cushioning, the car offers a silk-smooth ride with efficient start and stop option along with commodious and excellent interior, and choice of some cutting edge safety equipment.

BMW X1 – This compact SUV has higher mounted seats offering better visibility for both front and rear occupants and provides top steering capability and smoother ride.

Buick Envision – This beautiful five-seater car is pretty well-designed as a family vehicle with LED infused lighting, smart start and stop technology along with climate control setting. With features like safety Alert Seat for the driver and Lane Keep Assistance makes it quite a popular buying option.

Volvo XC90 – This new SUV is a great name in comfort driving. According to Kelley Blue Book, it has spacious passenger section, voice command and Wi-Fi among other features. It’s a modern day avatar for another great family vehicle.

Porsche Boxster Spyder – If you like speed then this is the car for you. This automobile is manufactured with the best of brakes and great steering.

Lexus RX – This wonderful vehicle is known for comfy cabin and smooth ride. It has gained its own credentials over the years as a reliable vehicle with great interiors.

Kia Sorento – Sorento is a super-reliable transportation with all of the contemporary features that anyone may ask for. Its commodious and multi-functional interior, with an eight-seater option, allures every family and is another top rated car in the economy to mid-range price.

Even the top rated cars like those from Lexus, BMW, Honda and Subaru needs good maintenance and up-keep. Regular oil change, tire rotation and inspection of these automobiles are a must to get the best ride and the longest life from your investment. Steve’s Automotive Specialists hires the best and most experienced mechanics that are highly trained to fix your Lexus or BMW automobiles so that it continues to stay reliable. Steve’s Automotive Specialist has been serving the Salt Lake City and Sandy areas for over 37 years and many of the customers come from far areas such as Park City and Lehi to service their Jeep‘s, Subaru‘s and Toyota‘s at our shops.

Do you own a car that you think is one of the best? Please feel free to leave a comment.