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Premium Radiator and Cooling System Repair or Maintenance

Reach out to us if your vehicle experiences a problem, from mechanical failure to an electronic control system issue or anything in between. Ensure that your car is fixed correctly by our experienced, certified technicians.

Cooling System Maintenance and Repair

Your car's radiator has the critical task of keeping the engine cool. Radiator repair and maintenance is essential to the health of your engine and your vehicle.

Radiator Service

Many drivers often neglect getting a radiator service on time, but the cooling system is a critical component of your vehicle. Moreover, radiator malfunction and overheating are among the leading causes of roadside breakdowns in Utah.

On the first sign of radiator trouble, just call our team at Steve’s Automotive Specialists. Our friendly and experienced technicians will help keep your radiator in top condition and help you save thousands of dollars on potentially expensive auto repairs in the future.

Radiator Service Professionals in Utah

Why choose us for your radiator and cooling system needs? Our repair shops in Salt Lake County and Davis County are home to factory-trained technicians who share a passion for car care. They also undergo continual training and maintain their licenses under the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE).


Established in 1977, our independent repair facility can service most foreign and domestic vehicles. We can expertly service discontinued, mainstream, modern, and luxury automobiles as well. Rest assured that we will handle your radiator with the highest level of care and skill – and at budget-friendly prices too.

Benefits of Getting a Radiator Service at Steve’s Automotive Specialists

Your radiator prevents the auto engine from overheating and dissipates the heat using a fluid called coolant. During winters, the antifreeze on the same system prevents liquids in the radiator from freezing. You can think of your radiator as a mini climate control system that runs in the background as you drive.


Most radiator failures begin as a slow process of wear and tear. As such, there will be some performance dips and telltale signs when you have a malfunctioning radiator. Just make an appointment with us, so we can eliminate the following symptoms:


  • Puddles of fluid under the car
  • Hot coolant reading on the temperature gauge in slow traffic
  • Sweet-smelling gas coming from the auto engine
  • White steam coming from under the hood

Radiator Service and Flushing in Utah

Over time, your radiator coolant will lose the ability to dissipate heat due to contamination. Years of use will result in scaling, corrosion, and build-up of debris that can drastically reduce the performance of your cooling system.


That is why it is not enough to just replace your current coolant and antifreeze. After draining the radiator fluids, our auto technicians will inject gallons of cleaner and water to thoroughly flush the old antifreeze out. After ensuring that it is free of contaminants, we will inject fresh radiator fluid into your system.


You typically need a radiator flush every five years or approximately 100,000 miles on your vehicle. However, you may need to visit our repair shop in Utah sooner if you have noticed symptoms of a malfunctioning radiator.

Utah Emergency Service and Roadside Assistance

In worst-case scenarios, a radiator failure will leave you stranded on the road. If this happens to you, just dial (801) 559-7776, and our crew will be with you shortly. We offer emergency jump start, lock-out assistance, fluid delivery, and towing services to get you and your car to safety.

Radiator Service in Utah

For all your radiator service and auto repair needs, trust only honest and highly experienced mechanics in Utah. We will help keep your prized vehicle dependable and durable for many years to come. 

Just make an appointment online or call our team at (801) 559-7776. You may also visit our shop at 9245 South 700 East, Sandy, Salt Lake County, UT 84070.

Radiator Service

Your engine produces a lot of heat, so your radiator, water pump, thermostat, and complete cooling system work hard to help remove that heat so your engine can work reliably. 

Today’s vehicles are complex and require an automotive service facility that can address your vehicle’s systems, not just a failed component. We are your choice for a complete cooling system evaluation.  

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