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We Offer Dealership Level Brake Services for Your Automobile

Prevent long term brake issues with a vehicle brake inspection. Our team of certified technicians can assess, replace, and repair your car or truck brakes so that you can drive with confidence.

Quality Brakes at Affordable Pricing

Having dependable brakes is critical to not putting yourself or others in danger. We deliver great value and quality parts for your vehicle's brake system.

Brake Repair Services in Sandy, UT

Whether you own an American or imported vehicle, your brakes are vital for your safety as you drive on Utah highways. Our friendly and experienced technicians in Steve’s Automotive Specialists could not stress this enough. If you have noticed that your brakes are squeaking and becoming unresponsive, call our shop at (801) 559-7776 right away.

Using your car or truck with malfunctioning brakes can compromise your safety. Moreover, allowing the issue to worsen can cause irreparable damage to your vehicle and expensive repairs in the future. Our mechanics can prevent these from happening and help you enjoy a reliable car for many years to come.

ASE-Certified Brake Repair and Automotive Technicians in Sandy, UT

Your brake system is a critical component of your vehicle, so entrust its repair only to ASE-certified technicians in Sandy, UT. Our team continuously trains and meets qualifications to uphold the highest standards for brake repair and automotive maintenance.


Operating since 1977, we can repair most brands, make, and vehicle builds released through the decades. We are also well-versed in the nuances and specific needs of American, Asian, and European vehicles and their brakes.

Brake Inspection and Diagnostics in Utah

Like our general auto inspection services, we methodically check your brake system to identify the root cause of the problem. Using factory-grade and state-of-the-art equipment, we perform a 24-point inspection that includes measuring the current thickness of your brake pads and checking the brake fluid levels.


Our auto technicians are reliable and honest, and that’s why we receive overwhelmingly positive reviews from drivers in Sandy and our other service areas in Utah. If your brakes need fixing, we will recommend only the necessary and most cost-effective repairs. We will efficiently rebuild your braking system with a quick turnaround and budget-friendly prices.

Utah Brake Repair and Regular Maintenance

Steve’s Automotive Specialists is your one-stop service facility in Sandy, Orem, Clearfield, Hyde Park, Salt Lake City, and surrounding areas in Salt Lake County. We perform all kinds of brake services – from resurfacing your rotors to replacing your brake fluid. Besides flushing, we also bleed the brake lines during fluid replacement to remove trapped moisture and air.


If some brake parts are damaged or worn beyond repair, we can remove them and install high-quality replacements. As your best auto dealership alternative in Utah, we use only Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts to provide the best value for your money.

Advantages of Getting a Brake Repair and Service in Sandy, UT

Your auto dealer in Utah probably recommended a brake service every 7,000 to 10,000 miles. We agree that this is a reasonable interval, but we strongly suggest that you visit our shop in Sandy sooner if you notice performance dips on your vehicle.


The interval may be shorter if you own an older car or you experience rough driving conditions regularly. If your brakes are squealing, we can replace the pads to reduce the noise and restore responsiveness. You can travel with peace of mind on Utah highways again, not worrying about missing your stop.


Our repair services will also eliminate grinding and prevent your vehicle from pulling to one side when hitting the brakes. We also offer suspension repairs and alignment services to eliminate vibrations when you’re driving at high speeds.

Brake Repair and Service in Sandy, UT

For brake repairs and all your auto repair needs, just (801) 559-7776 for an appointment. You can also schedule a service online or visit our shop at 9245 South 700 East, Sandy, UT.

Brake Repair Services

Our technicians know your brake system, from drum to disc brakes, shoes, pads, and rotors. We perform complete brake repairs on any make and model. Reach out to our team of automotive brake system professionals. 

We have dealership level equipment and use factory recommended service procedures. We are the choice for brake system service and repair.

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