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6 Signs Your Automobile Needs Transmission Fixed

Transmission system is an integral part of a vehicle and it needs to be checked for damages or repair from time-to-time. Here are the 6 major signs that expose transmission problems in your car and also know more about the time taken and costs for repairs.

What is a Transmission?

There are mainly two types of transmission systems in an automobile.

  • Automatic transmission
  • Manual Transmission

Automatic Transmission: In automatic transmission, the gearbox is automated which means it automatically changes gears according to the speed of the vehicle. The automated gearbox adjusts the change gear ratios on its own and leaves the driver free from manual gear shifts.

Manual Transmission: Manual transmission, true to its name, is a system that is to be operated manually by the driver. The torque regulating clutch that is to be operated manually using a foot operated pedal.

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6 Symptoms of Transmission Problems

Below are 6 of the major symptoms that could point towards a transmission issue with your car.

  1. Gears won’t shift: You start your car, depress the clutch but the gear stick wouldn’t move-that’s the classic symptom of transmission problems in your car. If the gears are stuck then it may be due to lack of fluids in the gear train, the viscosity levels of the fluid are not compatible or the shift cables need re-adjustment.
  2. Leaking oil/fluid: In vehicles with automatic transmission, the Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF) can be the life blood of the system. If it leaks and you are turning a blind eye to that then get ready for some major problems with your transmission ahead. The fluid is red in colour and can be easily recognized. Make sure you check the transmission fluid levels regularly to keep your vehicle running like new.
  3. Dragging Clutch: In a classic case of dragging clutch, the clutch fails to disengage the clutch disk from the flywheel. This means that the clutch can no longer be used and there is a grinding sound every time the gears are changed without adjusting the clutch. Solving this problem is easy as well as cheap and involves tightening the pedal.
  4. Noisy neutral: Generally a moving engine with problems causes noise to emanate but if your vehicle is making a noise even in neutral then it is a transmission issue. A simple change of oil or replacement of parts, especially the bearings is all that is needed. This is again quite inexpensive but you could be ripped off by a mechanic if you don’t understand the workings.
  5. Unnatural sounds from the engine: Transmission issues with the vehicle often result in a lot of humming or clanking sound from the engine. If you hear such noises either from the engine or while changing gears then make sure you take it to the mechanic immediately.
  6. Burning smell: A burning smell is caused when the transmission fluids overheats or breaks down. This increases the amount of friction in the moving parts and could damage them irreversibly. A complete check up is the only solution.

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How Long Does it take to Fix Transmission Issues?

Generally the time taken for repairing transmission issues can vary according to the extent of damage, type of vehicle and diagnostics. Transmission repairs are a step by step procedure and most repairing shops take to this slowly. Sometimes a simple diagnostic check up could take half a day and sometimes 5 minutes. So it’s difficult to correctly predict the time taken-you just need to depend on the promises of the mechanic and the extent of damage.

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Cost to Repair Transmission Related Problems

Generally transmission repairs are costly and the parts can be very expensive. Generally diagnostics, repairs or replacement for exotic cars costs a lot more than normal cars. The best way to ensure that your car never goes down with a dreaded transmission issue is to check for the signs daily and maintain it periodically. Happy Driving!