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Mitsubishi Car Care Near Me – 5 Life Hacks for Drivers in Sandy, UT

At Steve’s Automotive in Sandy, UT, we know that your Mitsubishi is a valuable investment that you want to keep reliable for a long time. We are also aware that you would occasionally stumble upon automotive issues that will have you frantically searching for Mitsubishi car care near you.

Our experienced techs are here to tell you to relax. Some resourceful DIY tricks can help you save time and money when troubleshooting problems on your Mitsubishi vehicle:

1. Use toothpaste for brushing your headlights and removing scuffs.

Foggy headlights are no match to this common household product – your toothpaste. Using a bit of arm strength, rub an ample amount all over the plastic cover of your headlights. Allow it to sit for a few minutes before rinsing with clean water to get rid of that foggy glaze.

You can also use it as a topical solution to reduce scuffs or hairline blemishes on your Mitsubishi. Just rub the toothpaste on the affected areas and wipe them clean.

2. Got spare change? Use it to check the tread wear on your Mitsubishi.

Steve’s Automotive Specialists recommends that you replace your tires when the treads are 1/8 of an inch or lower – but how do you measure it? This is a handy trick to determine whether you need a tire replacement in a Sandy car care shop.

Get a penny and, sticking Lincoln’s head first, insert it in one of your treads. The tires are still safe if his forehead is covered. Otherwise, you should visit our Mitsubishi car care center soon for a replacement. If you notice that the treads wear down rapidly, you may need a wheel alignment or tire rotation service soon.

3. Park your Mitsubishi facing east during cold months.

This one can be a little tricky since it factors in the configuration of your yard and its location. Make sure that you park facing east, so it gets warmer quickly. This will significantly reduce defrosting time and help you avoid the hassle of scraping it off manually.

You may also need to contact our car care specialists in Sandy soon if your air conditioner or heater is not functioning as intended. If left unchecked, your Mitsubishi might be ill-prepared for scorching summers and frosty winters in Utah.

4. De-ice your keyhole with hand sanitizer.

Speaking of cold months, you can safely use your hand sanitizer to de-ice frosted keyholes. Besides keeping your hands clean, this handy alcohol-based liquid can help you get in your car much faster.

5. Squeegee your pet’s hair away from the upholstery.

Taking your pets for a ride on your Mitsubishi can be fun, but they will inevitably leave their mess behind. For example, fur can stick to your seats and potentially cause allergies to you or your passengers. Sometimes, even a handheld vacuum is not enough to remove these.

Using a spray bottle and squeegee can help you out. Simply mist the seat with clean water and run a squeegee over the upholstery. It can take all the pet hair away with it. If you think there’s still too much dust or hair inside your cabin, it’s best to get new filters from us.

Mitsubishi car care near me in Sandy, UT

Of course, these life hacks are not one-size-fits-all solutions for your automotive care needs. If you think your Mitsubishi has problems beyond DIY efforts, don’t hesitate to make an appointment with us. Our factory-trained techs will reliably get your Japanese imported vehicle on the road in no time. We are conveniently located at 9245 S 700, East Sandy, UT 84070.