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What is the Check Engine Light and Why Does it Come on?

The check engine light is a common problem for car owners. It can indicate a variety of issues with your vehicle, and it’s essential to have them inspected by someone who knows what they’re doing. Here at Steve’s Automotive Specialists, we’ve been fixing cars for years, and we can get to the bottom of your check engine light issues quickly and accurately. Before we start working on your car, though, let’s talk about what exactly this light means.

What is the check engine light?

The check engine light is a warning light that comes on when your car isn’t working properly. It’s the most important thing to know about your car and it can tell you about everything from a simple tire rotation to something more serious.

If you have ever wondered what that little red light means on your dashboard, read on!

Does the check engine light come on for any other reason?

The check engine light can be triggered by a number of different problems. The most common reasons that the check engine light comes on are:

  • A dirty air filter (this can cause the car to run rough)
  • Loose gas cap (this causes the car to use more gas than normal)
  • Electrical problems (such as a bad alternator or starter motor)

If you’re still not sure what’s causing the issue, bring your vehicle into a mechanic and they’ll check it out for free. They’ll be able to give you an idea of what might be wrong with your vehicle and whether or not it’s something serious.

How often does the check engine light come on?

The check engine light usually comes on when the car is running, but not always. It can also come on when the vehicle is off or in park mode. If you don’t know how to check your own engine, ask a mechanic at a local shop to help you out with this one!

What are some problems that can trigger the check engine light to turn on?

The check engine light can come on for a variety of reasons. It could mean that your car needs maintenance or something is wrong with its emissions system. Here are some common reasons why the check engine light would turn on:

  • The oxygen sensor has picked up a fault, which may indicate that you need to get your catalytic converter checked.
  • Your fuel cap is damaged and not sealing correctly, causing carbon build-up in your engine.
  • There is a leak in one of the hoses or parts of your cooling system that has gone bad and needs to be replaced, like the radiator core (the part where all the water flows).

The good news is that most issues with the check engine light have simple solutions. Still, it’s essential to have them checked out by professionals who know what they’re doing before driving any farther than absolutely necessary.

Have your car inspected only by experts!

Before you jump to conclusions, it’s important to note that the check engine light can be triggered by many different problems—not all of which are serious or expensive. While this will vary from vehicle to vehicle, some common warning signs include:

  • The gas cap is not on correctly
  • Low oil levels (your engine will run poorly)
  • Leaking coolant (again, your engine won’t run well)

If you notice any of these issues and want to investigate them further, ensure you’re dealing with an experienced mechanic. While some DIY solutions are available for minor repairs, such as changing your oil, it’s best if your car is inspected only by experts!

Excellent check engine light service at Hyde Park, UT

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