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5 Things Every New Car Owner Should Know – Honda Car Repair near Millcreek SLC UT

For many of us, owning a car is a proud and exciting achievement. The first months are thrilling – until you encounter your first mechanical issue. That’s when you realize that owning a car and maintaining it are two different things.

Steve’s Automotive Specialists in Salt Lake City and Millcreek will guide you through the basics with 5 things that every new car owner should know. Read through these tips to keep your Honda at its best without stressing or spending too much.

1. Follow your Honda maintenance schedule.

First-time car owners often underestimate the importance of regular car maintenance. After all, it is easy to ignore when your Honda is still new. But as a responsible car owner, understand that regular maintenance will keep your vehicle at its prime for as long as possible. It will also help you avoid frequent visits to a Honda car repair near you. 

If you are not familiar with car maintenance services, just refer to the service schedule for your Honda found in your car owner’s manual. It is crucial to stick to the recommended service intervals even if your Honda seems to be working fine.

2. Keep a spare tire at all times.

You should ALWAYS keep a spare tire in your car. Of course, you also need the appropriate tools to be able to use a spare tire. If you don’t know how to change a tire, now is always a good time to start learning. You don’t want to get stranded in the middle of nowhere, frantically searching for the nearest Honda car repair near you..

3. Don’t ignore the check engine light.

A flashing check engine light means that something is seriously wrong with your Honda. It’s a sign of trouble, usually within your car’s ignition system. If left unchecked, it could lead to more expensive repairs later. It is strongly recommended that you should not drive your vehicle until you have it checked.

4. Get an emergency kit.

A car breakdown always happens when you least expect it. That’s why it’s imperative to have an emergency kit ready.

An emergency kit should include a first aid kit, jumper cables, flashlight, fire extinguisher, tire gauge, duct tape, reflective warning triangle, foam tire sealant, tow rope, a multipurpose utility tool (like a Swiss Army knife), raincoat, and a warm blanket.

If you live in Salt Lake County or Millcreek, UT, you may call Steve’s Automotive Specialists. We have a 24-hour roadside assistance program ready to help you in case of any car emergencies.

5. Find a reliable mechanic.

Lastly, finding a professional and reliable mechanic in Millcreek, UT can save you from stress, expensive repairs, and unnecessary services. Get someone who is knowledgeable, honest, and easy to reach. Remember, a cheap mechanic costs more in the long run.

Honda Car Repair near me Millcreek SLC UT

Your Honda vehicle is a valuable investment, probably only second to your home. That’s why it deserves only the best auto repair and maintenance services. Prolong your Honda’s lifespan and preserve its value by following these tips.
For more critical issues with your Honda, visit our Honda care repair technicians in Millcreek and Salt Lake City. Steve’s Automotive is located at 2809 South 2300 East, Salt Lake City, UT 84109. We are open Mondays through Fridays, from 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM. You may also book an appointment online.