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Oil Change Near in Sandy, UT – 3 Facts You Need to Know About Engine Oils

Getting a fresh dose of engine oil for your vehicle on time is vital for maintaining its reliability. Many drivers tend to ignore this and find themselves frantically googling “oil change near me ” when it’s too late.

This routine maintenance procedure can do wonders for your car, including lowering operating temperatures, keeping your head gasket safe, and preventing unexpected breakdowns. However, you need to know some essential facts about engine oils to maximize their benefits. Luckily for you, our car repair experts at Steve’s Automotive share their knowledge and breakdown some misconceptions about oil changes.

The Correct Frequency of Getting An Oil Change Near You in Sandy, UT

Our first recommendation would be to check your owner’s manual. Some auto repair shops in Utah would recommend that you need to do it every 3,000 miles or three months, but that this is not always the case.

For instance, some manufacturers have produced high-mileage engines that made this guidance obsolete. These vehicles have oil change intervals longer than 7,000 to 10,000 miles.

However, mileage is not the sole basis of getting this service. Take a car with a recommended interval of 6,000 miles, for example. Even if you don’t drive it enough, you still need to visit an oil change center near you after six months. This is because engine oils naturally lose their effectiveness over time.

The Right Oil Type and Formulation for Your Vehicle

Your vehicle does not necessarily require synthetic oil. This formulation is intended for withstanding high temperatures and resisting rapid breakdown – but it can be two to four times more expensive than regular fossil oil. If you use your car for short trips between home and work, conventional oils would still be your best choice.

By contrast, synthetic oils are more suitable if you use your vehicle for hauling or towing heavy loads. They also work well in regions with frosty winters and scorching summers. Older trucks may also benefit from synthetic formulas to prevent rapid sludge buildup.

Again, our experts in Sandy, UT, recommend that you review the user manual for your vehicle. If you are not sure, we can provide you with an honest and appropriate recommendation.

Checking Oil Levels in Your Tank Properly

You should not wait for your next oil change appointment before checking your engine oil levels. In fact, even modern cars require that you top off the oil a couple of times before changes. Our seasoned repair mechanics at Steve’s Automotive recommend that you check your tank at least once every month.

So how do you do it? Begin by following the instructions from the automaker. Some modern cars have electronic oil monitors instead of traditional dipsticks. These will alert you when it’s time for an oil change service.

If you’re using a dipstick, ensure that the vehicle is parked on level ground. Watch out for potential hotspots if you’ve recently switched the car off. Pull out the dipstick from the engine and wipe it clean. Then, push it back into its tube and all the way in.

Now, pull the dipstick back up and immediately check how far the oil has reached. There should be two holes or markers on the stick, indicating minimum and maximum levels. If the oil streak lies between the two marks, the current amount of oil is safe. Otherwise, consider visiting our auto repair shop in Sandy for an oil change soon.

Oil Change Near Me in Sandy, UT

Replacing the engine oil on time may seem like an unimposing procedure – but it has tons of benefits for your vehicle. For engine tune-ups and routine oil changes, don’t hesitate to call us or make an appointment online. Steve’s Automotive Service is conveniently located at 9245 S. 700, East Sandy, Utah 84070.