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Your Dealership Alternative for Vehicle Suspension Repair and Service

The steering and suspension system helps drivers remain in control of their vehicles at all times and maintain comfortable driving performance. Our staff are trained to inspect and identify whether you need a minor adjustment, repair, or replacement.

Keep Your Vehicle Riding Smoothly With Suspension Repairs and Services

Inspections, routine maintenance, and front end alignment services will keep your car or truck’s suspension system in optimal condition.

Shocks and Struts

The shocks and struts of your vehicle may seem unimposing, but these parts are vital for driving safely and comfortably on Utah highways. As your premier auto repair shop in the Greater Salt Lake City Area, Steve’s Automotive Specialists can expertly handle your shocks, struts, and other parts of your suspension system.

Our team of auto repair mechanics can fix your drivetrain, wheels, and other vehicle parts from bumper to bumper. We also deliver high-quality services with a fast turnaround and at very reasonable prices.

Professional Auto Mechanics for your Suspension, Shocks, and Struts

Founded in 1977, our auto repair facility can handle most American, European, and Asian vehicles released through the years. Moreover, our ASE-certified techs undergo continual training to provide only the best automotive services to our customers.


If you notice poor handling and shaking on your car when you drive, just make an appointment with us. Our honest auto mechanics will determine whether you have worn struts and shocks and perform only the correct and most cost-effective services.

Benefits of Getting Shocks and Struts Replacement from Steve's Automotive

In addition to preventing potentially expensive repairs in the future, getting a shock or strut replacement service from us can provide your vehicle a ton of benefits. Here they are:

Easier Steering Along Utah Highways

If your shocks and struts are worn or damaged, the steering wheel may feel stiff to turn. Getting a suspension service from us will improve handling and eliminate swaying when you switch lanes or take a turn.

More Responsive and Comfortable Braking

Struts are vital structural components of your vehicle beyond its suspension system. As such, worn struts can cause your car to lurch forward or take a nosedive when you brake. Our auto mechanics will thoroughly service your brakes and replace your struts to eliminate these issues. Braking will then feel more stable and responsive.

Eliminate Uneven Tire Wear and Extend its Lifetime

Your tires will exhibit unusual tread wear if you have faulty struts and shocks. Replacing them every 50,000 miles or sooner can improve tire longevity and help you save more money in the long run.

Have Smoother and More Comfortable Rides

Damaged struts and shock absorbers are bad for you and the car’s chassis. Additionally, rides will noticeably feel bumps and potholes more than usual. We will replace your worn parts with new ones to keep the springing movement of your vehicle to a minimum. For your peace of mind, our work is also backed by a 36,000-mile/3-year nationwide warranty.

Strut Replacement and Wheel Alignment in Utah

Your struts are linked with your drivetrain system and wheels. Depending on the model and age of your vehicle, you may also need a wheel alignment service. To perform this procedure, we use factory-grade equipment to realign your wheels and reduce the strain on your vehicle.

Shocks and Struts Replacement Service

Entrust all your auto repair, parts replacement, and maintenance needs to Steve’s Automotive Specialists. With decades of solid industry experience, our team will handle your vehicle with the highest level of skill and care – like it is our own.

You may schedule a service online or visit our auto repair shop at 9245 South 700 East, Sandy, Salt Lake County, UT 84070. Alternatively, you can dial (801) 559-7776 for inquiries or get a free estimate. We also have automotive facilities in Orem, Clearfield, Salt Lake City, and Hyde Park.

Suspension Repairs and Services

Maintaining your vehicle’s suspensions system is imperative to its overall performance and reliability.

We provide a customized approach to car and truck repair, communicating your vehicle’s needs and presenting options to keep you on the road for years to come.

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